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How AV-1011 Works

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Prevent Birds From Damaging Your Rice Crops

Newly-planted rice seeds are known to be vulnerable to foraging birds. When birds target rice plants, they endanger the health of the crop and the potential yield. Fortunately, by using AV-1011 on your rice seeds, you can prevent birds from damaging your rice crops early on and deter them from eating your seeds before and during emergence.

Steps for Using AV-1011 to Reduce Bird Damage to Rice

AV-1011 is a highly effective, scientifically-proven treatment for repelling birds from crops. When you use this product from Arkion Life Sciences LLC on your rice seeds, you can protect your crops from red-winged blackbirds, common blackbirds, grackles, and more.


Rice Seeds Are Treated With AV-1011

The active ingredient in AV-1011 is Anthraquinone, which is a naturally-occurring substance that serves as an effective repellent against birds. Before planting your rice seeds, treat them with a liquid coating of AV-1011 to deter birds from feasting on newly-planted crops.


Seeds Are Planted As Normal

Once you have treated your seeds with AV-1011, you can plant them as you would normally. AV-1011 works immediately with repellent effects that persist through plant emergence, promoting effective protection against bird damage across a longer period of time than alternative methods.


Birds Sample the Rice Seed

When birds first eat rice seed treated with AV-1011, they will experience immediate but harmless digestive discomfort. AV-1011 consists of nontoxic, nonsystemic ingredients that will not cause harm to birds that eat treated seeds, but the immediate effects serve to quickly deter flocks from continued feasting efforts.


Birds Leave Your Rice Crop Alone

By making your rice seeds effectively inedible with AV-1011 treatment, you can prevent birds from coming back to feast on your crop. After a few birds sample the treated rice seeds, they will communicate the repellent’s presence to their flocks, encouraging them to move on from the field and pursue other food sources. Treating your rice seeds with AV-1011 reduces the need for replanting and increases yield potential by deterring foraging flocks from feasting on your crops.


The Advantages of AV-1011

Registered in the rice-producing states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Texas, AV-1011 seed treatments provide numerous benefits for preventing bird damage to crops and promoting more productive farming results.

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With non-lethal, naturally-occurring components, AV-1011 treatment causes no lasting harm or damage to birds that eat treated seeds. The gastrointestinal distress birds experience after eating seeds treated with AV-1011 is non-lethal and temporary, and because the treatment is harmless, you can use AV-1011 on your rice seeds year after year.

In 2016, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved new section 3 labeling for AV-1011 that expanded its registration potential to all states that grow rice. This approval acknowledges that the non-lethal, temporary effects on birds that ingest seeds treated with AV-1011 are effective and pose no threat to bird populations.

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Easier to Use Than Traditional Tactics

Traditional bird repellent tactics often include physical and audible scare tactics, which are often ineffective in deterring birds from feasting on seeds and crops. Keeping up with traditional bird deterrent practices can be time-consuming, and they are rarely worthwhile.

Comparatively, using AV-1011 seed treatment is quick, easy, and effective. Simply treating rice seeds with AV-1011 prior to planting can provide early, hands-off protection, making bird repellent seed treatment a more cost-effective and productive alternative.

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Greater Rice Yield

By making rice seeds inedible with AV-1011 treatment, you can reduce the need for replanting and encourage healthier crops. With more viable rice plants, you can increase your rice yield, resulting in a more abundant harvest and higher profits.

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Highly Effective

Compared to traditional bird deterrents, AV-1011 treatments are highly effective. With the immediate, harmless digestive distress caused after ingestion of treated seeds, AV-1011 effectively deters birds and their flocks from returning to treated fields, resulting in protection from foragers from planting to emergence. Birds that eat treated rice seeds are inclined to seek alternative food sources to avoid further distress, and their flocks will do the same, thereby leaving your rice fields to flourish.

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Treating rice seeds with AV-1011 is proven to protect your fields from feasting birds. As a result, you can experience greater rice yields and increased profitability. If you are interested in purchasing AV-1011 seed treatment for your crops, reach out to your local seed supplier or agricultural retailer. For additional help in locating a supplier near you, please contact Arkion® Life Sciences at:

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