Have higher yields from your crop.

Stop Bird Damage and Reclaim Your Rice Fields

AV-1011 Prevents birds from eating your rice. Have higher yields from your crop.

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Stops the Problem Before it Even Begins

Growing rice is hard work. It’s one of the most labor-intensive crops between planting, maintaining, flooding, and harvesting the fields. And as every grower knows, birds make cultivating rice even more difficult.

Bird Migration

When Planting Season Begins, the Birds Are Still Around.

Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Texas are all great states for growing rice. Unfortunately, the region is also where birds migrate during the winter season. And when planting season begins, the birds are still around.
Once rice fields are flooded, the seeds float to the top, and your fields become a bird buffet. This is especially detrimental to growers with a low planting rate who need every seed possible to germinate. Even as little as a one percent loss is crushing.

Take Back Your Crop With AV-1011

AV-1011 is the answer you’ve been waiting for.
The product is easy to use. Rice seeds are coated in the AV-1011 liquid, then planted as usual. When birds try to eat the seeds, they suffer immediate digestive distress. The birds are unharmed, but they look for other food sources once they’ve had a taste, leaving your seeds to germinate and grow.


Why Choose AV-1011 to Protect Your Rice from Birds?

AV-1011 acts as your insurance policy, giving you peace of mind.

AV-1011 is:

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Easy to Use


How AV-1011 Can Help You

There are many advantages to using AV-1011 for your rice crop, including:

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Rice Yield

AV-1011 prevents birds from eating your rice, which means that you’ll have higher yields from your crop. The product stops the problem before it even begins. One taste, and the birds will leave your fields alone. Reclaim your fields, and boost your rice yield by keeping away the birds.

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Gives You
Peace of Mind

You can’t put a price on peace of mind. AV-1011 helps you breathe a little easier. You won’t need to worry about losing part of your valuable crop to birds.

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Plant Your
Rice Earlier

In some states, the weather allows you to plant your rice earlier in the year. Birds, however, keep many farmers from being able to take advantage of this opportunity. AV-1011 gives growers the ability to plant early and reap the rewards of a higher germination rate. Planting crops early has many advantages. By doing so, you’ll be able to avoid the tornados and hurricanes that come later in the season. Not only will you be able to avoid weather that wreaks havoc on rice production, but you’ll also be able to harvest your rice early enough to cultivate a second crop.

Protect Your Rice from Birds In:


What Our
Customers Say

"When I began my professional career as the LSU AgCenter rice specialist in 1982, one of the biggest production constraints was uniform stand establishment due to depredation of rice seed and seedlings by blackbirds and other avian species. The availability of AV-1011 as a bird repellent seed treatment was a godsend for the industry. This product has allowed for uniform stand establishment which has enhanced many production practices including fertilization, herbicide application and timely flood establishment, among others."
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Dr. Steve Linscombe

Reclaim Your Rice Fields Today With Av-1011

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